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Re: CO2 indicators

on 25/2/01 11:44 AM, Blue Eyes at djohnson1981 at yahoo_com wrote:

> The recent postings on co2 tests reminded me of the co2 monitors availible
> through several online distributors - pet warehouse sells two, made by
> Eheim, and Azoo.  Both seem to consist of a small fixture placed inside the
> tank, and some form of indicator solution.  How accurate/useful are these?
> anyone have any experience with them?

I have the Dupla version of this indicator and it seems to work very well.
It's a rough guide of course, but it is pretty accurate. They basically come
with some indicator liquid which you mix with your tank water. Dupla
recommend you change the indicator liquid about every month but it seems to
remain accurate longer than that for me. I don't mess with my tap water - if
you do then this may change the frequency at which you have to change the
indicator liquid - the water you mix with the indicator must have the same
carbonate hardness as the water in your tank.

I got mine for AUS$25 which at a rough guess would be about USD$15, although
I know Dupla gear is hard to get hold of over there.


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>