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Re Hagen TKs

Hi Bodins,

<< I searched the SJC area far-and-wide for a kit because I am trying to
 monitor my iron and basically the choices locally (even Albany Aquarium does
 not carry Fe Kits in Stock) were very slim. So today, I found a kit at
 Bangkok Aquarium and I blew $12.99 on a "Hagen". Anyone have anything good
 to say about this kit? >>

What a coincidence! I too have also just bought one of those.  

So far it's working out good, seems well put together and the instructions 
are clear and easy to follow. It has a plastic lab base which holds the test 
tube, liquid reagent and pipette securel but the powder reagent with its 
spoon doesn't have a holder and tends to fall out of the box easily. The 
colour chart has a space to hold the test tube up against the white paper and 
the colours are clear and easy to differentiate. It has an indicated color at 
0.1mg/ltr which is nice as that's the reccommended (sp?) level according to 
Sears and Conlin. The other colours are closlely spaced which makes it quite 
accurate I suppose. It's the only iron TK i've ever had so I can't compare it 
with anything. 
The only downside is there's only 50 tests to a box so it works out kinda 
expensive especially if one has more than 1 tank. But another good thing is 
the data on the toxicity of the reagents and the explanation of how the test 
works. I haven't seen Hach, Sera or LaMotte TKs anywhere in the UK. I believe 
these are generally accepted as the standard to follow. 
I think you may have paid over the odds for it because I got mine for 6.99 
which is about $10.50. However, these things have to come from Europe so I 
suppose the UK is closer than the US when it comes to shipping charges.

On an unrelated topic, has anyone got a trickle tower running on their 
planted tank? How does it affect your CO2 levels? I seem to be pumping CO2 
into my 20g at a rate of knots yet I cannnot get the level up past 9 mg/ltr 
(yet. And i have a good reactor - it's all dissolving). If I seal off the top 
of the tower with cling wrap, that'll keep in the CO2, right? But then will 
the bacteria asphixyate? Should I ditch the whole system and just switch to a 
cartridge filter in the tank?