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Re: My FFF is going back to the LFS


It sounds like you have got the male of the species. When you mentioned that
there was some of the checkerboard (red/blue?) color on there, it sure
sounded like it. The females will never show any of that coloring at all.
Maybe your store will swap the male for a female (if it did indeed get them
in again). Or stick with the mollies and guppies. They're both busy, active
& fun fish to watch.

My condolences,


> And if the LFS won't take it back, the cat will get a tasty snack.  I'm
> really glad I only paid $1.79 for it (the fish, not the cat).
> I added a pair of mollies and a half-dozen small "feeder" guppies to the
> algae infested 10 gallon, with the flag fish and some ghost shrimps.  I
> thought the fish was just morose because it was the only fish, and it
> might take a hint from the mollies that its job was to eat algae.
> That just pissed off the flag fish -- it tries to eat the guppies (I'm
> not really surprised there).  Whenever it sees a molly eating, it chases
> it away.  It has even started stalking the ghost shrimps and trying to
> eat them. It was fine with the shrimps until I added the new fishes. It
> is acting territorial, but it can't make up its mind what territory it
> wants.  It is not big enough to claim the whole tank, so it claims
> whatever part of the tank seems desirable to another fish at the
> moment.  Damn bully is what it is.  And the guppies eat more algae (when
> they are not being chased).