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Re: Iron Test Kits....

I am currently the proud owner of 3 (I mean 4) brands of iron tests.
The 3rd one is a Hagen that I bought to get me by until a new kit
arrives from LaMotte - should have waited and saved my money!  In all
fairness, I think the Seachem (that others like) might have been on the
retailers shelf too long.  The reagent is like molasses in February in
Minnesota.  I believe it should be a dry powder?  At any rate the
LaMotte kits are available from the company  LaMotte Company - Helping
People Solve Analytical Challenges Since 1919   If you call them they
will sell directly to hobbyists.  The price is hard to swallow, butr the
octet comparater is a feature I really like and the refills cost no more
than a cheap test kit.  I searched pretty darn hard for a retail site to
buy (Fe test) from with no luck.  These things cost more from LaMotte
than a retail outlet (i.e. Pet Warehouse).  I suppose the benefit of
buying from the company is getting test kits that are fresh (if it
matters).  I think that George B. has good long term success with
Lamotte.  Check his site for water testing   Aquatic Concepts   Finally,
here is the Hach page if you want to check it out  Hach Water Testing
and Water Quality Analysis Systems
Good Luck,
Jay Reeves