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Iron Test Kits....

I have been looking for an Fe Test Kit.

I bought the Red Sea "Plant-care" kit for Fe and CO2 and wish I would have
read the archives first: What a piece of Junk. No reading on CO2, and no
reading on Fe (and I know I have a lot of both Fe and CO2).

So I looked at "That Pet Place" and a few others MOPS on-line and no one
carries the Sera, Hach or the LaMotte kits (TFP and PtWhse carry LaMotte,
but not the Iron).

I searched the SJC area far-and-wide for a kit because I am trying to
monitor my iron and basically the choices locally (even Albany Aquarium does
not carry Fe Kits in Stock) were very slim. So today, I found a kit at
Bangkok Aquarium and I blew $12.99 on a "Hagen". Anyone have anything good
to say about this kit?

Things like this should not be this difficult (finding a good LFS that
caters to plant keepers).