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Re: Algae eating critters

Rhonda wrote:

" ::snip::
I prefer using ghost shrimp in most tanks to prevent hair algae.
They will catch and eat a mosquito larva,
glass worms, or tubifex if any one ever wants to see them hunting in

For such little critters, they can be ferocious predators on things even
smaller. I had an infestation of small red wormlike larvae that grew out
into mosquito like midges. They didn't bite but the buzzing was annoying.
Within minutes of being placed in the tank, every ghost shrimp had a worm
and was chowing down.  No more buzzing. They come out in droves whenever
fish food is present. Since they are transparent, you can tell by the color
of their stomach what it is that they are feeding upon. They do eat some
algae. And at 15 cents a pop versus 3 dollars each for the "amano" shrimp,
it's an easy buy. They are short on the brain department though....keep
ending up in the overflow.

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