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Algae samples and overview

I just did a quick overview of several algae samples given to me by some
The BGA that folks, myself included, have postulated thrive in an N limited
environment are not the kind of cyano's that can use atmospheric N2 by
breaking the N2 dimer using nitroansae enzyme. A heterocyst is required for
N2 bond breaking. I looked at about 10 different samples from a variety of
different tanks. All were Oscillatoria which do not use N2 EVER.

The heterocyst are required for this process since the enzyme cannot work in
a aerobic environment like that's in a cell with a chloroplast cranking out
all sorts of O2. The heterocyst are very distinct and easy to spot. I have
not found one after looking for many hours in any samples. This genus also
does produce heterocyst...

So if you think low NO3 levels causes BGA, well I'm afraid you are likely to
very mistaken. They need it just like the plants.

Other notes of interest:
No spirogyra was found in any of the hair algae samples. Cladophora is often
what is sometimes referred to as "haystack green algae". It has large
brached straight deep green hairs often in the gravel.

Staghorn appears to be Entermorpha and is a hollow tube shaped structure and
is a generally a marine group.

Large amounts of diatoms even in tanks were you would see none were found in
every sample.

If you have some weird looking algae or brown slimy stuff please email me
off list and send if you wish. I'll try to get to most of it as I can.

It'll be a week or so and I'll have some more info regarding this last
Tom Barr