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Re: more on flag fish

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Dwight wrote:

> >Some time ago (last year think) I gave a detailed description and
> >comparison of two recently setup tanks, one with flag fish and one with
> >female swordtails. The flag fish damaged the plants in their tank >enough
> >that the plants couldn't get established before algae got a foothold in
> >the tank.  Their plant-damaging behavior actually caused the algae >problem
> >in that tank.
> THis is an example of the classic pseudo-experiment.

Dwight, if you go back and read the letter I originally wrote about the
swordtail - flagfish comparison I think you'll find that I did describe it
in a lot of detail.  I have not described the comparison between ruby
barbs and flag fish.  That was just a matter of relating experience.

Roger Miller