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re: mystery shrimp

I have some Malaysian Rainbow shrimp and that picture didn't look like them
to me.  They bear a passing resmblance, but when you look closer they don't
seem at all the same.
On the subject of Malaysian Rainbow Shrimp, this is the response I got from
the people I bought mine from when I asked them what they were:

"The rainbow shrimp we currently have are reputed to have come from Malaysia,
and are listed only as Crago species. That's all the info I have."

If anyone can get me more information on them(or Crago sp. in general) it
would be greatly appreciated if you would post them or send them to me
privately(journal references etc. are fine they just need to be in English).


>I actually have some of these "mystery shrimps."  I bought them a few months 
>ago, thinking that they were Amano shrimp until I saw two months ago that I 
>had red ones and brown ones and some bluish brown ones.  Recently, I found 
>more of these shrimp in my lfs.  I asked someone about them and he told me 
>that they were Malaysian rainbow shrimp.  I didn't ask about the species 
>name but maybe I'll ask next time I go.