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Re: Excuse me. I hate to interrupt a good fight...

Bob wrote:
> How can I tell whether *my* flag fish is a female, or a juvenile male?

Females and young juveniles have a prominent dark spot on the real lobe
of the dorsal fin.  Males do not.

> I haven't found any pictures on the WWW.  The fish has a definite spot
> on its sides, and a little red coloring that seems to come and go for no
> apparent reason.  Sometimes the fish has little or no red or bluish
> coloring, but has kind of a checkerboard pattern. All of the colors are
> quite subdued, but the fish is still stressed out, so may not be fully
> colored yet.  It is less than 2 inches long including fins.

The males show their bright coloration only when they are getting ready
to breed, or breeding.  At other times their color is more subdued, but
rarely entirely gone.

> Either way, will the fish do OK as the only flag fish in the aquarium if
> I get a pair of mollies to keep it company?

Sylvia pointed out that the fish like each others company.  I think
that's true.  Adding one or more additional fish would probably perk
things up.  Then it becomes a question of whether or not you really do
want he/she to perk up.

Roger Miller