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Re: recent FFF postings

Once again, thank you all for the stimulating discussion.  Seriously -
it seems that whenever conflict occurs on the board someone is willing
to pitch in with with some meaningful discusion of her/his experience
and posiible solutions.  Thanks Sylvia (and other voices of reason).
But all of the other discussion is good also because it helps me -
dealing with algae - not get blindsided by rushing into the next
possible solution only to create the next problem.   The hot issues also
seem to spur a larger volume of responses = more information for me to
make a decision (or be confused).  Just talked to a local LFS about
ordering some FFF.  I will be considering  all of your information
before buying.

Jay Reeves in Minneapolis - has been below 30F for the past several
weeks and now we are going to get rain / freezing rain / sleet / snow
this weekend!  Sounds like a good time for an RO user to introduce tap
water to the aquarium.  You see? I'm listening and trying.