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Excuse me. I hate to interrupt a good fight...

How can I tell whether *my* flag fish is a female, or a juvenile male? 
I haven't found any pictures on the WWW.  The fish has a definite spot
on its sides, and a little red coloring that seems to come and go for no
apparent reason.  Sometimes the fish has little or no red or bluish
coloring, but has kind of a checkerboard pattern. All of the colors are
quite subdued, but the fish is still stressed out, so may not be fully
colored yet.  It is less than 2 inches long including fins.

Either way, will the fish do OK as the only flag fish in the aquarium if
I get a pair of mollies to keep it company?

It is starting to nibble at the hair algae a little, but it doesn't seem
to like it.


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