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Re: Florida Flag Thugs

<< Down w/ Hairy Algae! Florida FlagFish Forever!
 http://floridadriftwood.com/floridaflagfish.htm  >>

No, I did not get my FFF from you, I could not afford to pay $26.00 for three 
fish, when I can get them for 99 cents each at the LFS.  But it WAS your web 
site (since you brought it up) that made me think I needed them.  Thanks 
Roger, for backing me up on the plant glutton behavior and aggression.  Thank 
goodness my two aren't breeding, I wouldn't want to see worse behavior.  I am 
thoroughly convinced they aren't because the male has never chased the female 
or damaged her in any way.  There has never been any behavior like the 
spawning described in the web site you listed for Roger. They are partners in 
crime, damaging slower fish (like my once beautiful veil angel, poor thing) 
and all plants.  The web site you listed did mention that they would take 
chomps out of Amazon swords, and mine sure do.  Nothing on your web site 
prepared me for the damage they do to fish and plants.

To be fair though, your web site was the first I found about planted tanks, 
and it taught me a lot.  It was really responsible for turning me on to the 
possibilities, and I thank you for that.