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Re: Miller's FFF Musings

I had dwarf cichlids in a community tank that bred much more readily than
did the Flag fish. And they were far less hazardous! The flagfish was more
territorial and for no particular purpose at all. The dwarf cichlids become
territorial when breeding, and generally cover, and are only really
dangerous, in their breeding territory. Depending on the size of the tank,
this usually is not the entire tank. Dwight, how do you prevent cichlids
from breeding?


> To the best of my knowledge, Dwarf Cichlids [for example] mostly make good
> community fish.  Yet we all know how aggressive and territorial they all
> get when they are breeding. Do we thus abandon them to Cichlid only tanks?
> Nonsense!  Instead we prevent them from breeding so we can enjoy them w/
> other inhabitants.  FFF breed much more easily than do Dwarf Cichlids and
> the male becomes aggressive once courtship begins