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Re: dwarf cichlids in planted tanks

First of all, I want no part of any disagreements that
have taken place here.  

But, I would like to adress an issue that came up. 
Many dwarf cichlids are in fact fine for community
aquariums.  Rams are a good example.  In their case,
you'll have to be careful their tankmates are

Apistos are usually ok.  Borellii are an especially
peaceful fish.  Steindachneri are a bit more
aggressive.  I have to nijsseni that are defending a
cave right now.  Even so, they do not bother croaking
gouramies or Sawbwa resplendens, both of which are
very timid.  The male does chase away some tetras, but
not so agressively that he does any damage.  They have
learned to eat out of a turkey baster, ensuring that
they get any food.    

Kribs are fine most of the time, but really are nasty
at spawning time.  I once had some that murdered
several tankmates while defending fry.    

I don't think that any planted tank is complete
without a dwarf cichlid of some kind.  Don't let a few
rough customers ruin everything!  


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