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Re: Miller's FFF musings

Dwight wrote:

> So...if you were fully aware of the fact that single-sex arrangements of
> Females and Non-breeding males or Females w/ juvenile males are in fact the

Chuck wrote:

>Here's a hint:  Maybe he figured it out after the fact.   You >certainly
>make enough of a point of this when pushing your "FFF".

Frankly, I don't feel I need to make an issue extolling their virtues
anymore.  They are excellent hair algae eaters period.  But I do think I
need to set the record straight when incomplete or incorrect info is
relayed.  If the poster is wrong...he's wrong.  Regardless of who he is.  

If indeed he DID figure it out, then he should have focused on this in his
post.  Instead his post perpetuated and re-enforced misguided and erroneous

I said:

> To the best of my knowledge, Dwarf Cichlids [for example] mostly make good
> community fish.  


>I could not disagree more.   I think of cichlids in species tanks.  >It
didn't take much reading for me to know that they wouldn't be a >good
choice for a community tank.

I did say Dwarf Cichlids.  Perhaps I should be even more specific; I have
had personal experience with breeding Rams; albino and Germans. I've kept
them in community Aquaria w/ Lyre tail mollies, Fancy guppies etc. No
problem. Now, I have a small Krib. He hasn't been a problem.  Others also
say they are OK for community Aquaria as long as they are not breeding.


>And the nasty tone of your responses ...

Nasty tone?  For the record: I called no one any names, I questioned no
ones honesty/integrity, and I questioned no one's motives on the list.  I
DID drive some tough questions at the logic behind some of Roger Miller's
actions, some of his apparently contradictory statements and some of his
algae descriptions.  But I prefer to stick to the facts.

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