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Re: Flag fish, bullies or assets?

Actually, when I got my males, I put them in one tank, the females were in
another. There was one dominant male and he terrorized everyone in the tank.
After some time he calmed down a bit, and it was later that I put the
females in, which didn't seem to make any difference in their behavior. I
recall that I might have changed the pecking order by putting a more
aggressive fish in temporarily, but I can't remember what it was. (A highly
testosterone-ridden male of some species.)

The females alone don't seem to be a problem, though. But, as I said
earlier, they seem to mimic what they see. If you were to have them in with
fish they see picking at algae, they'll do it. If not, they'll consume your
rotala wallichii and other fine-leafed plants with great zeal, or spend all
day hiding.  Bob, get a FEMALE companion for your fish.

Dwight wrote in defense of FFF:


> Typical bad senerio;  Male and female FFF placed in a small to med well
> populated community aquaria.  Male starts to breed w/ female, stakes out
> territory, starts driving everyone away.  Being a small tank the others
> have nowhere to go and suffer casualties. Young FFF hatch and quickly get
> eaten by other inhabitants despite the >

Bob wrote:

> I can't comment on the "bully" part, because the flag fish is the only
> fish in the aquarium.  But she does seem to spend a lot of time
> hiding.