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Nutrient question

Hi y'all,
So, this weekend I decided I was sick of looking at algae and that I would 
begin the Sears-Conlin PMDD system on my two tanks. I got the trace element 
mix, Kent Freshwater Plant, I got the Epsom Salts, the K2SO4 and even dry 
KNO3. (They're not worried about pyromaniacs round here!). I looked on the 
analysis of the Kent stuff and it has Fe, Mn, Co, Mb, Cu and Zn but not Mg or 
So, I can get the Mg I need from the Epsom salts. BUT what about the B? Well, 
for reasons best known to my granny we have a box of Boric Acid BP (for 
inflamed eyes, apply as a hot fomentation, avoid raw or weeping areas, sonny 
Now I know it's probably not advisable to add this straight to the water (a 
discourse on borate buffers and their effects anyone?) but, oh, wait a 
minute, if I react this stuff with magnesium *metal* I'm gonna get magnesium 
borate and hydrogen, right? So provided this magnesium borate isn't too basic 
and is water soluble, I could add that and correct the B deficiency and the 
Mg deficiency at the same time? kill 2 birds with 1 stone? and add extra 
Epsom salts if the Mg is still deficient? 
What do y'all think? Sound chemical reasoning, or am i going to fail my 
inorganics exam on Monday?
PS I've set up that Jello-moderated CO2 generator, it's working even better 
than the molasses- well done to whoever came up with that one.