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Re: Ironite/PMDD base

Kyle wrote: KTM10500 at webtv_net (Kyle)
> I searched the archives on ironite. It appears this has been discussed
> but no definitive answer given as to whether it would make a good
> substitute for CTEM. Maybe there isn't an answer-just opinion. Anyone
> care to go one more round? Maybe some new experts on the list?
> So today I bought a 5lb. box of ironite at the local Coop garden supply
> for 5.00.
> Analysis:
> Total Nitrogen           1.00%
>  (urea)          
> Iron                          4.50

Use the Ironite around your garden. You don't want urea in your 
tank if you have fish. Urea is made from ammonia.

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC