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PMDD Simplicity

Sources for a chelated trace mix
Plantex's "CSM"
314 Orenda Ave, Brampton, Ontario
L6T1G1 Canada

This is from:


Call Plantex, they will know all about this and will tell you how to buy
their product anywhere in the world, including remote places like....The
United States.

Jeeeezz.....This is not rocket science. Tom Barr just repeated all the
basics, again. Lights, NPK*, trace elements (iron**), CO2. Test for N, P and
iron. If your tapwater has high P, then you will do better keeping algae low
by keeping everything else relatively high. If want lots of fish, then N and
P will automatically be high, and you will have to increase everything else.

* NPK - Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (yeah, it doesn't start with K)
** trace elements are just that, trace, meaning barely there. So we test for
iron and hope the rest of the trace elements are used in a similar ratio.

Test kits - LaMotte for N (they now sell direct, about $45 to buy the octet,
and $15 for refills), Seachem for P and iron, $10 each at ThatPetPlace)