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Re: Corkbark, plexiglass and silicone?

>I am planning to put a cork background in a 150. My plan so far involves
>"gluing" the cork bark to sheets of plexi that has a bend on end of it to
>hook it under the gravel to anchor it. Will silicone work in this setting?
>I could rough the plexiglass up with sandpaper if that would help. I've
>read in the archives about people using silicone with cork and glass but
>not plexiglass.  Any input would be welcome.

You should rought the plexiglas with a coarse sandpaper (80 grit or so) 
first to help the silicone stick. If the silicone won't stay stuck you 
might try an epoxy.

>As a side note I just got my bale of cork from expanko and WOW 60 pounds is
>a lot of cork!!!!

Try ordering a few pounds worth of styrofoam packing peanuts sometime ;-)