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Ironite/PMDD base?

I searched the archives on ironite. It appears this has been discussed
but no definitive answer given as to whether it would make a good
substitute for CTEM. Maybe there isn't an answer-just opinion. Anyone
care to go one more round? Maybe some new experts on the list?

The only source for TEM I have been able to find at all is online-a
place in Canada. I emailed them yesterday and still haven't heard from

I also checked the archives for sources of CTEM and the place in Canada
was the only one whose website I could find. 

So today I bought a 5lb. box of ironite at the local Coop garden supply
for 5.00.


Total Nitrogen          1.00%
Calcium                   2.50
Magnesium              1.00
Sulfur                       5.00
Cobalt                   0.0005
Iron                          4.50
Manganese               0.05
Molybdenum          0.0005
Zinc                          0.45

Iron derived from pyrite and iron sulfate. Sulfur derived from pyrite
and sulfate. 

No good? My nitrates last time I checked were between 10- 20ppm (as
close as color chart can be read). Freshwater 125 gallon tank-planted
with good stocking of fish. Plants are doing great-20+ppm CO2, 3w/g
lighting, Flourish Iron, LeafZone(K). A dab of Epsom salts added at 20%
water change(tap) every week. NO algae problems.:-)

I want to make PMDD and be done with the different bottles and
comparatively higher prices. But I despair of finding a source for

Any comments on ironite, sources other than the Canadian one(sorry I
can't recall the name at the minute)? Thanks,