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Re: Corkbark, plexiglass and silicone?

Scott.Hudson at das_state.oh.us wrote:

> I am planning to put a cork background in a 150. My plan so far involves
> "gluing" the cork bark to sheets of plexi that has a bend on end of it to
> hook it under the gravel to anchor it. Will silicone work in this setting?
> I could rough the plexiglass up with sandpaper if that would help. I've
> read in the archives about people using silicone with cork and glass but
> not plexiglass.  Any input would be welcome.

IME silicone glue won't stick very well to plexiglass. It may hold for a 
while but eventually will loosen itself from the plexiglass. It sticks 
well to corkbark tough.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD