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Re: Iron level

>I have been dosing my 30-gal. tank weekly with Leaf
>Zone, the label of which
>says it has 3% K2O and 0.1% chelated Fe.  After
>adding the fertilizer, my
>Seachem test kit then indicates about 0.1 ppm Fe,
>which I understand to be
>about the desired level.  I notice, however, that
>within a day or so, the
>level has dropped to about 0.05 ppm or less.  So my
>question is:  Should I
>still dose only once a week, or does this result
>indicate I may need to
>fertilize more often?  Thank you.
>John T. Fitch
>E-mail: JTFitch at NOSPAMFitchFamily_com

John - you should probably dose to keep the level at


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