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Re: Florida Flag Fish

Catherine sez:
> I am just a beginner, but when I heard the high praises of the FFF, I bought 
> two for my 38 gallon.  Let's just say that these are NOT my favorite fish.   
> I find them to be very aggressive compared to my community fish.  They have 
> reduced one of my small angelfish to "stumps", and chase everyone else. My 
> corys show damage from them too.  And they pick on plants -- my water 
> wisteria is a collection of"Suessian" leafless twigs thanks to this pair, and 
> I have seen them picking apart the little swords on my chain swords plant.

I bought one Jordanella floridae Saturday, and a few ghost shrimps, to
take care of the green algae that is overrunning my 10 gallon tank. I
think the fish is a female; she was the only "Florida Flagfish" at the
LFS.  They say they should get some more in next week, and they say it
is impossible to sex them because they are juveniles and all look the
same.  I don't think this is true, but I'm not sure. Maybe
they are just getting all females from their supplier?  The other LFS in
town recently got a shipment of Endlers Livebearers, and they were all
males.  I would have loved to get a breeding trio of the Endlers.

Will one of these flag fish do OK by itself in a 10 gallon, or does it
need a companion (or a mate)?  Or is one perhaps already too much for a
10 gallon?  The fish is very shy and hides whenever I enter the room. 
Hopefully this will pass in a day or two. It hasn't done much of
anything to the algae yet.

Best regards,

"I have seen the future and it is just like the present, only longer."
 --Kehlog Albran