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Re: Florida Flag Fish

<< I think I will order some FFF to work on the hair algae - is 3 enough
 in a 75?  Dwight recomends 3 / 20 gal.  Not sure I want to put out that
 much $ or have that many FFF.  Am comfortable with a longer period to
 clean up tank if 3 - 6 would be enough.
I am just a beginner, but when I heard the high praises of the FFF, I bought 
two for my 38 gallon.  Let's just say that these are NOT my favorite fish.   
I find them to be very aggressive compared to my community fish.  They have 
reduced one of my small angelfish to "stumps", and chase everyone else. My 
corys show damage from them too.  And they pick on plants -- my water 
wisteria is a collection of"Suessian" leafless twigs thanks to this pair, and 
I have seen them picking apart the little swords on my chain swords plant.

Just my two cents,