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AHAP Trouble

Here's the deal.  I'm the AHAP chair here in
Pittsburgh.  The person who held the post before me
didn't do much at all, and I'm left with a huge mess. 

I'm left with half updated charts detailing classes
completed and species submitted.  Some submission
forms are not represented in the charts.  I'm working
on updating everything.  I see many plant species
listed that I've never heard of.  (In one case,
flowering points were awarded for marine algae!  What
the heck is this?!)

I ask for help in identifying which scientific names
are valid and which are not.  I'm not sure what I'll
do when I find out that some of them are not valid.  I
guess there's nothing I can do about old stuff, but
I'd still like to know.  The species are:

Sagittaria eatoni
Sagittaria lofata
Anubias ganji
Anubias conwensis
Anubias lanceis
Sagittaria perselli
Nomaphyla stricta (synonym for Hygrophilia species?)
Nymphea capensis
Marsilea quadrifolia
Cyperus alternfolias

I realize some of these may be pond plants and typos.
I'm very frustrated here.  More species will follow.

Thanks, Cavan

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