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re: KCO3 potassium carbonate?

From: peachdoo at excite_com 
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:46:20 -0800 (PST) 
> Hello Folks:
>      I would like to purchase some potassium carbonate.  I would rather use
> that, than sodium bicarbonate.  Can someone point me in a general direction
> or provide me with a source.  Also, I need some way of adding nitrates or
> better still, ammonia to my fishless planted aquaria.  Can the unscented
> ammonia sold in the grocery store be used or is that a detergent blend of
> some kind which I should avoid?
> Thanks, Diana

Perhaps potasium bicarbonate would be safer, and it would supply a
source of carbon to a few of your plants that can utilize
bicarbonate.  I found a potasium bicarb at brewmass.com for $4.90 per
pound in a search engine, but the actual page won't load.  I can't
imagine what it would be used for in beer or wine making, but maybe
you can get it at another homebrew shop or a hydroponics supplier.

You should be able to get ammonium sulfate, and *maybe* ammonium
nitrate at a garden supply store.  I don't think I would mess with
household ammonia.

Best regards,

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