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Hello Folks!
     I live in up state NY, Orange county and would like to get together
with others who are intersted in forming a club aimed at Aquatic plant
cultivation.  I was with the SFBAAPS group when I lived in San Francisco and
it was a real treat to attend open-house events and the yearly picnic.  It's
even nicer to meet the people behind the emails and enjoy conversation,
plant swaps etc.  A club would also be a way of finding local sources for
our specific needs as well as increase interest and patronage for our local
dealers and involve them in the clubs as well.  If a club gets a reliable
and dedicated membership there could be plans for guest speakers, auctions
etc.  The mutual support that a club can bring to its members is invaluable
and inspiring.  Its a way of seeing set-ups you are contemplating for your
tanks but aren't quite sure they may be worth the investments.  After
looking at all the diagrams and reading others descriptions you can still be
left wondering how in the world all that tubing, pumps, sumps and dumps
work.  Well, a club can be a real asset and lots of fun as well.
Let me know, thanks, Diana

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