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Re: Varying algae from hell

Justin wrote:
> Subject: Varying algae from hell
> OK, I'm really, really frustrated,  I've been fighting with my heavily
> planted 100 gallon for quite awhile now, and I'm to the point of tearing it
> down and focusing on my reef for awhile. 
> - -Tank has been up and running since about late September of last year.
> - -100 gallon, with about a 35 gallon sump with wet/dry holding a cubic foot
> of media
> - -320 watts in the form of 2 5' URI full spectrum VHOs (not 50/50 actinics or
> anything else weird.)
> - -About 500 gallons per hour circulation through an Iwaki pump
> - -Substrate is Karl Scholler's recipe (2/3 gravel layered over 1/3
> sand/laterite mixture.  Some Flourite in top layer left over from previous
> tank.)
> - -Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate all test 0.

Justin, seems like your nutrients are unbalanced. Those algae like 
to take over when the plants are struggling, and they struggle when 
the nutrient levels are as low as you stated. I'd start off by tossing 
in a little K2SO4 to get the K levels up, add some KNO3 to get the 
NO3 around 5-10ppm, and maybe a little KH2PO4. You might can 
skip the K2SO4 if you use enough KNO3. All that bright light is 
causing the plants to strip your water. Monitor the levels and keep 
them up. Everything should level back out.

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC