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Re: Ph Drifting Down Between Water Changes...

Paul wrote: 
> I ordered some
> potassium bicarbonate from The Science Alliance web site. I will be using
> this in the future so as to not add sodium. Do you have any BIG PRINT
> directions for mixing this stuff?
> Also, my Gh is ~8 should I really be aiming to get my Kh up there or would
> 4-6 be OK?

Paul, 4-6 dK should be sufficient. I have no major pH swings above 
3 dK.

KHCO3 goes as follows: mw. 100.11, 39.05% K, 60.95% HCO3, 
Soluble in 2.8 parts water. Some basic directions - if you make a 
30% solution (30 g dissolved and diluted to 100ml) K levels would 
be 117,150ppm and HCO3 would be 182,850ppm. 

Example: Add 1ml 30% KHCO3 to 5 gal (18.925L) of tank water. 
(1ml x 182850ppm)/18925ml = 9.7ppm HCO3. K levels = 6.2ppm in 
the same addition. 

This is only good for aqueous solutions of KHCO3. If you're using it 
dry, a little experimenting may be in order to get the levels exact. 

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC