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emerged tank

Hi group,

  I am planning to set up an emerged growth tank today - just a small
one, a 2.5 or 4 gal tank.  I will be putting it in the kitchen by a
south-facing window.  I am wondering what to use for a substrate.  I
was thinking about peat and potting soil with a Jobes or two, maybe
some TMG, and some sand or aquarium gravel on top.  How deep should the
substrate be?  I am thinking about three inches.  How much water should
I keep in the tank?  Just enough to cover the substrate?  A little
more?  I will be planting with Anubias nana and A. nana var. bartari,
and maybe a couple of crypts, a small sword (bought as a melon, but
hasn't grown larger than 2" in 3yrs.).  
  To keep the humidity up, I will cover it with plastic wrap.  Should I
have a few small holes so condensation doesn't build up?  Any other
info I should know?


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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