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Bettas: Care & Feeding

Well all those dead shrimp would be good for a start.
I keep bettas, big ones, small ones, red ones, brown
ones. No matter what the size, I've noticed that they
have all the lovable characteristics of a Channa
asiatica. In other words they are carnivores. Large
ones like those so, so, so, expensive macrostoma I
lust after will engulf a shrimp or 2 in one stealthy
lunge (I lost 20 Yamato ebi in 3 days with a pair of B
unimaculata that way) Smaller ones will still pick on
shrimp and worry them to death, fruit flies can be
considered a treat for B coccina and my B splendens
used to actively stalk insects that came to the
surface of their plastic tubs. BTW have you ever seen
a wild betta spit water like an archer fish? It's been

Bottom line on livefood, give them mosquito larvae,
large rotifers, chopped crayfish or small shrimp. Try
some large brine shrimp or  culture daphnia or fairy
shrimp. If all else fails, starve them for several
days them try some frozen fish foods. This group of
fish IMHO are garbage guts, they will eat anything.
Just don't try them on fingers!

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan

Matt wrote:
> does any one have any clue how i can get my Betta to

>  eat anything but bloodworms?
Try feeding it mosquito larvae, this is the majority
of their natural 
Also, finely shredded raw meat is good.

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