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RE: CO2 Test Kits

>I'm fairly new to C02, (hey I'm a poet and didn't know it, made a rhyme in 
>no time)  and am having a terrible time finding a C02 test kit.

You don't need a CO2 test kit if you know your water's pH and kH (kits for 
those two parameters are more readily available than CO2 kits anyway; but 
you do need a pH kit that measures to the closest 0.2 rather than say 0.5).  
Once you know those last two parameters, you can figure out CO2 by using the 
tables at http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/kh-ph-co2-chart.html.  (By the 
way, the Krib is well worth surfing; I find a lot of answers there to 
questions that I had never even thought of, especially on planted aquaria!)

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