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Re: Dead shwimp

> How I wish I had read this yesterday. :( 25 dead japonicas this morning,
> I look at the new plants I popped in there yeaterday, sure enough uncoated
> lead wieghts. Think thats the culprit? The flag fish were stressing hard this
> AM when I woke up, moved them to a quarantine tank, they all seem better now.
> The water is as follows:
> Ammonia: 0
> Nitrite: 0
> ph:7.0
> GH: 11
> KH: 17
> Ca2+: 60mg/l
> Fe:< 0.1 mg/l
> Chelated Fe: 0.50 Mg/l
> Any suggestions? Plants are bubbling like crazy and all seemed well last
> night before the lights went out. Thanks in advance for any help.
> Jonathan Dooley
> Indianapolis, In.

 Let me guess, you run your CO2 24/7? No shut off at night?
A KH of 17 and a pH of 7.0? What do you think your CO2 might be there:)
About 50ppm and if you have no surface movement along with that- your going
to lose shrimp. Gee, why the heck are my plants bubbling like crazy too:)?
All that CO2!
Why are the fish gasping at the surface in the morning? All that CO2!

 Some surface movement would help and a little lower CO2 level= pH about 7.4
or so. More circulation may help also. One day of plant weights will not
cause this.
Lack of O2 and too much CO2 will. Get your pH up to about 7.4. Nothing else
is wrong.
Never put any metal weights in a tank as a rule. Remove them first.
Tom Barr