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enough fish to cycle heavy planted tank and rooting material for pots

Hello again all,

To catch you up. I've got two 30 gal tanks planted and CO2d and each have a
pair of platies. Both tanks have a fairly heavy planting. All is going well.

Two questions. will the 2 platies likely be enough to cycle the tanks or
will the plants take up too much of the ammonia?

Second Q, what is the fiberglass looking material that comes with the potted
plants? Is there any reason why, when it comes time to pot my own offspring
to make pots out of the bottoms of 20 oz plastic, Diet Dr. Pepper bottles
that have been sliced and diced to look like large versions of the actual
pots? And in the pots, around the roots put aquarium soil or even the same
material I mentioned above soaked with some rooting material?

Thanks again,


Paul the NoleDoc
Living and learning in the heart of
the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.