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Re: Shipping plants

I wasn't aware of this. Checking their site it appears to cost $2 for
insurance over 50$, which would be about the same price for delivery
confirmation and insurance under $50. Do they actually provide a tracking
number for you to check the progress?

Edward @ m3 wrote:
> Right, the sender could have insured it for 'over' $50.  I always insure
> package for $51 even if they are $20.  Reasons being that for over-$50
> package, you can use the blue insurance form instead of the green one.
> blue insurance form is trackable!  So, there is no need for Delivery
> Confirmation if you buy this over-$50 insurance, and that you can file a
> claim with the PO if the package gets lost.  Of course that they will not
> reimburse you if the plants arrive dead.  However, I have heard that
> shipping plants with Breathing Bags and using a spray made by Kordon
> which one) will improve their conditions big time.
> All over-$50 insured package can be tracked on the www.USPS.com website.
It's up to $.40 now since their recent rate hike. I can see where this might
be handy when you're in the business of shipping plants, if people are
claiming they're not getting packages that they really are. But in fact, the
postal guy out in Harrisburg told me I couldn't prove my intended recipient
didn't get the package, because they do arrive and not scan in. I don't
doubt that she didn't receive the plants though.
Robert wrote:

> Yeah, but its only 30 cents! What it is in reality is what its called,
> delivery confirmation...it proves that the person recieved it, if they
> they never got it. Its not a tracking system. The post office never meant
> for it to be. The post office is not that sophisticated. Its like sending
> registered letter.
An interesting sidenote is that around Christmas time priority mail packages
were being scanned in at various points. It was kind of like UPS tracking.
My packages were all sent into Phila., where they were boarded on plane. All
my packages showed arrival at Phila. According to the guy at the local post
office this info should not have showed up since at some point earlier, UPS
sued the post office, claiming they were not charging enough for detailed
tracking info (???) such as that which they (UPS) provide.