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Re: delivery confirmation

> From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
> Yeah, but its only 30 cents! What it is in reality is what its called,
> delivery confirmation...it proves that the person recieved
> it, if they claim
> they never got it. Its not a tracking system. The post office
> never meant
> for it to be. The post office is not that sophisticated. Its
> like sending a
> registered letter.

Actually, it is Priority Mail that isn't that sophisticated. If you want
full tracking, delivery confirmation, and $100 insurance, use Express Mail.
Deliver is in 1-2 days to most US locations and most locations deliver
Express packages marked "Live Fish/Plant,etc" on Sundays if required.

Service starts at $16. It was $18 for the last 3 pound box of plants I

Jon Wilson