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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #849

Re: Calcium additions via tablets
I'm no expert on this, but if this method of calcium addition actually works, 
why do the reef guys bother with all that Kalkwasser/ Ca(OH)2 injection 
malarkey? is calcium carbonate (AKA Limestone, and chalk, btw) really 
bio-available when added as a solid chunk? is it possible to chelate Ca++ in 
the same way as Fe++? i know for a fact that CaCO3 is too strongly held 
together to dissolve in water...so how does it get into the plants tissues? 
At the end of the day...did adding those tablets have the required effect? 
did the plant recover? does any one have any clue how i can get my Betta to 
eat anything but bloodworms?