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Re: High Temperature = Dead Shrimp?

Dwight wrote:
>> Yes. You are quite right.  Its my observation also, that high temps are
>> lethal to Caridina japonica.  This fact, in addition to their sensitivity

chuck Gadd:

>What do you consider high?  I have 4 of them in my 29g, and they've been in 
>there for more than a year, with the temp right at 80 degrees.  

I deliberately did not endorse a define "high temperature" in my previous
post.  I am fully aware that temperature is one of many stress factors that
affect these shrimp.  They are NOT a tropical sp. Under more or less ideal
aquarium conditions its my experience they will tend to croak at prolonged
temperatures at or 'round 88-89F.  As I stated earlier, folks tend to find
out their vulnerbility to high temperatures when they try to treat the
aquarium for ich by raising the water temp.

However, I suspect that the orginal poster might have had other issues w/
his aquarium besides 80-81F temperature (which is w/in their temperature
range.  They should be kept at or below 84F). They are also very vulnerable
to the presense of heavy metals in the aquarium ...uncoated lead weights
perhaps? Especially if Co2 is being utilized. That's the usual source.
Perhaps the poster can tell us more.

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