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RE: Shipping plants

  >Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:29:15 -0500
  >From: "Sylvia Kohler" <skohler at entermail_net>
  >Subject: Shipping plants
  >I have some comments on shipping plants. It's been discussed
  >previously that
  >Priority Mail was the way to go, and delivery confirmation was
  >thought to be
  >helpful in expediting and ensuring delivery.

Hi Sylvia, as a matter of fact, Delivery Confirmation will either not
affect, or "delay" the Priority Mail delivery, never expedite it.  Ensuring
delivery, yes.  Trackable along the way, no.  It merely tells you whether it
has landed at the destination or not.  But did it land on the hands of the
right people?  No guarantee either.

  >A few months ago I was expecting a shipment of plants which
  >never arrived.
  >When I reported this to the post office, they inquired as to whether the
  >person had gotten delivery confirmation. When I said they
  >hadn't, they told
  >me there was nothing they could do about it. The idea was the

Right, the sender could have insured it for 'over' $50.  I always insure
package for $51 even if they are $20.  Reasons being that for over-$50
package, you can use the blue insurance form instead of the green one.  This
blue insurance form is trackable!  So, there is no need for Delivery
Confirmation if you buy this over-$50 insurance, and that you can file a
claim with the PO if the package gets lost.  Of course that they will not
reimburse you if the plants arrive dead.  However, I have heard that
shipping plants with Breathing Bags and using a spray made by Kordon (forgot
which one) will improve their conditions big time.

  >In summary, I think we're wasting money on delivery confirmation, at the
  >very least. It's just a way to get us to spend just a little
  >more and think
  >we're actually getting something.

All over-$50 insured package can be tracked on the www.USPS.com website.