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Re: High Temperature = Dead Shrimp

I seriously doubt that 80-82 degrees F would harm your shrimp.  I keep them 
in one tank with fish that prefer warmer water, and the tank runs 81*F year 
round.  No problem with keeping the shrimp alive.  Do you have a fish in the 
tank that might be pecking at them?  Angelfish, for example, can wipe out a 
tank of shrimp very quickly.  Have you used any anti-parasite medications, or 
medicated flakes, or snail killer chemicals in the tank?  If you add any of a 
number of chemicals, it's Sayonara, Shrimp!  

> I recently found 4 dead Caridina japonica in my tank. 
>  The only reason for their deaths that I can think of
>  is a high tank temperature.  I'm not sure if it was a
>  combination of the lights heating the tank and a
>  heater problem (Visitherm) or what.  I do know that it
>  was up to about 80 or 82 for awhile.