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Re: High Temperature = Dead Shrimp?

Cavan Wrote:  

>I recently found 4 dead Caridina japonica in my tank. 
>The only reason for their deaths that I can think of
>is a high tank temperature.  I'm not sure if it was a
>combination of the lights heating the tank and a
>heater problem (Visitherm) or what.  I do know that it
>was up to about 80 or 82 for awhile.

Yes. You are quite right.  Its my observation also, that high temps are
lethal to Caridina japonica.  This fact, in addition to their sensitivity
to new-tank syndrome is the reason I personally don't recommend them as a
primary source of algae control.

They look exotic and are fun to watch but only in a cooler, stable tank.
People usually find this out the first time they have an ich outbreak and
raise the water temperature.

The species Atyopsis moluccensis is from Singapore and is rarer, much more
beautiful and $ but its more heat tolerant.

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