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RE: Six gallon

Dan mentioned a bleaching of his tank and lighting:

If I were you, I'd get a single 13 watt 5000-6700k range A&H retro fit and
add just that to your tank. 20+ watt is just going to give you a huge
problem over and over again.
Recall that the depth is very shallow. PC's are intense and combined with a
good reflector they are very powerful if only going through 8-10 inch of
Next I'd get about 10lbs of flourite. Rinse 3 x well and add. No heater but
the smallest 80F preset reptile heater pad underneath. You may not need it
if the room is warm. Feed CO2 into the filter intake at 1/4 teaspoon yeast
to a 1 cup of sugar (every 10 days change). Add few grains (10-15) of K2SO4
once a week after water change. Add 5 drops of TMG as well. Feed fish well
in between. Do 50% weekly change. Keep a good eye on the CO2 level(add KH/GH
if needed). That's the biggest issue in such a small tank. Adding more light
is going to make this even harder.
Break it down and clean it and then try these ideas. You'll spend more on
the lights and other junk at Home Depot etc than just getting the A&H thing
and flourite. The right tools for the job if you will...East Bay Vivarium
has the heater pads if interested.
Tom Barr