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Re: TDS vs. KH

Hello Trey,

TDS and KH are completely different measurements that have NOTHING in
common! TDS measures conductivity, KH measures alkalinity.

BUT, since both TDS and KH are linear measurements, IF you calibrate
your TDS measurement vs. alkalinity, the relationship will hold as you
dilute your tap water with RO water, i.e. if your TDS are cut by half,
your alkalinity will be also cut by half.

So, in practical terms, as long as your water company does not change
the water supply, you can use your TDS meter to estimate alkalinity.



> Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:00:29 -0600
> From: Trey_O_Zagst at cargill_com
> Subject: Measuring KH
>      I have been using an electronic "pen" that I believe measures total
> dissolved solids in the water.  It gives a reading in ppm.  I use it to help me
> figure how much tap water to mix with my ro/di water.  I have been shooting for
> a measurement of around 120-180ppm.  I have just been assuming that this should
> give me around 6-9 KH and DH.  Am I making a dangerous assumption?  It is just
> so easy to dip the pen in the water vs. doing the hardness tests I have used in
> the past.
> Thanks,
> Trey in Tulsa, OK