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Re: Carbo Plus

> From what you wrote to me, it seems as though you had a Japanese copy or
> some other copy of the German "Carbo-Plus" so I don't think it fair to
> give the impression that you didn't like the original product.  FWIW, I
> think it is so great -- no problems, just carbon for my plants which are
> growing beautifully.  The "Carbo-Plus" is extremely reliable and long
> lasting!  (I have nothing to do with the company!)
> Merrill Cohen
> Pikesville, MD

You had got me going on this product. So I tried it. I did in fact get the
"Carbo Plus". That's what it said and it had the German/English translations
etc. (No "Hecho en Mexico") so unless someone else is selling a German made
product called "Carbo Plus" I doubt it is copy. It is very simple to use
IMO. I did not get the impression "long lasting" considered what the
literature said. Average use for the carbon block was 8-10 weeks in 60
gallon tank according to the info. The block needed to seasoned for 2 days
before placing into your tank. I really don't like that part. My water is
rather rock hard and the unit played havoc on my pH probe anywhere I put it.
The unit was larger than I thought as well. I think it can still be a good
method but it's not going to get any converts until the cost of the block
comes down and the unit is smaller. I don't like being without CO2 until the
unit/block is seasoned any time a refill is needed. Having multiple tanks or
flexibility concerns also, I cannot say to someone to get such a unit if
they plan on having more than one planted tank with CO2.
Good idea though. I like some aspects certainly and the affect on the plants
seemed good but so does any source of CO2. I certainly respect those who get
one but it's not for me. Gas tanks are still much cheaper in the short and
long run. Bigger and uglier also:)

I think the unfair part might be the fact I've used Canned CO2 for many
years and am go at adding it and know the system well. The Carbo Plus unit I
cannot say this based on experience whereas you may. I did use it for about
a week. But for the beginner, I think the Carbo plus system would be easier
hands down to set up and deal with. But it does cost more.

Tom Barr