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RE: Bleaching tanks

I don't think there is anything wrong, in theory, with
bleaching a tank to remove your algae. I have
considered doing it myself to get rid of snails, but I
can't poossibly remove all my fish. There are only two
problems I can see with the idea in reality.

1) It can be VERY difficult to remove all of the
bleach from a tank when you treat it like that. It may
be possible, but you will have bleach down in your
gravel which may not get fully removed and leech back
out later when your fish are back in the tank. It only
takes a little bleach to wipe out all your fish.

2) You will only be getting rid of your algae
temporarily. It only takes a single algal spore to
restart the whole shabang, and you will have plenty in
your filter media, your fishes digestive tracts, and
surviving in the tank, not to mention the airborne
ones. By the time you get new water in the tank you
will be restarting you algae farm again. All you will
gain is a brief low-algae period at the cost of
stressing your fish.

My suggestion would be to forget the bleach and try to
find out what nutrients are out of balance, since, if
you don't, you will probably be battling the same
algae breakouts in another few weeks.

Craig Welch

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