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Re: Adding bleach

> I want to pull all the fish and filter media out of my tank and drop in 
>  bleach to a concentration of 5 percent. Then siphon all the water out 
> a  minute or two then change the water 2 or 3 times with plenty of 
>  dechlorination.
Believe it or not, I accidentally did something like this one evening when I 
was a couple of snorts into the Brandy and got the brainy idea to "feed" the 
plants  some ammonia.  (No fish in the tank, thank heavens.)  Instead of 
ammonia, I got the bleach bottle by mistake, and added a small "glug.".  
About 20-30 minutes later I realized my mistake when I noticed the ammonia 
bottle on the sink said "Clorox" on the label.  I quickly did a 100% water 
change and added dechlorinator.  Too late.  Every plant in the tank except 
the Anacharis died over the next week.  I have heard of people successfully 
rinsing plants in 5% bleach, but if I were going to try it, I would make it a 
very fast dip-and-dunk, then get the plants out of the water and rinsed 
quickly.  In other words, I wouldn't try this unless I was prepared to accept 
the death of all living organisms in the tank.