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Re: ca defficiency in swords

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Philippe LeMaire wrote:

> > For me, sword plants are always the most prone to Ca deficiency.
> Do you think A. Madagascariensis is also prone ?

I can't help much there.  I tried growing a lace plant (maybe
Madagascariensis, maybe something similar) once and it didn't flourish.
The leaves never got very large, they were thick, fairly rigid and cupped
downward.  I never thought about it before, but that growth pattern could
be consistent with calcium deficiency.

A. Mad. has a reputation for being difficult to grow.  I imagine that my
problem could have been a lot of things besides calcium deficiency.  Among
the other possible causes was the fact that I didn't really care that
much.  I got a smoking deal on the plant, then realized after I got it
home that if I did get it growing well it would quickly outgrow every tank
I own.

> > That might work.  I use 500 mg calcium tablets, cut in half and pushed
> > into the substrate near the base of the plant.  The first new leaf the
> > plant develops after the treatment is always free of distortions.
> > Already deformed leaves won't recover.
> Where is your source for these tablets ?

I got mine at the neighborhood grocery store health supplements section.
Similar tablets would also be sold at pharmacies.  I just looked for
tablets with calcium carbonate as the calcium source and the smallest
number of other ingredients.

Roger Miller