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Very Small Tank questions (10 litres)

Hey guys !

I have a few questions about a small tank.  The tank is actually my
girlfriend's and it holds 10 litres (very small).  At the moment it has a 9
watt compact flourscent (home depot type.. but rated 5000K so should be ok
for plants), undergravel filter, course gravel and 2 platties, a swordtail
and 2 danios.  In summer its a constant temperature of about 25 degrees.  I
want to set it up as a little planted tank but have a few questions.

1.  Do any of you have a suggestion of how to keep the tank warm in winter
when the temp drops to around 16-17 degrees in the tank.  Its kinda costly
to buy a heater that small and it looks ugly to.

2.  Should I pull down the undergravel filter and put in a fine substrate
with some enrichment and have no filter at all.

3.  Should I add DIY c02

4.  What plants should I put in (I thought of some pretty hard low light
ones like some java fern, anubius, java moss... but she does like riccia on
little stones).

Id love to hear from anyone out there with a little tank like this and what
they ahve done with it !


Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia